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Mino I Yah Daa Wellness Program

Mino I Yah Daa Wellness Program

The Mino I Yah Daa Wellness Program is a regional based program that will provide services to the children, youth and families from the 9 WRCFS First Nation communities of Pine Creek, Skownan, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi, Tootinaowaziibeeng, Ebb and Flow, Keeseekoowenin, Rolling River, Waywayseecappo and Gambler.  This will also include the youth in care from these communities that might reside in other regions of the Province.  This program provides individual, family and group work including the development of a regional crisis response team to children, youth and families for all the affiliated First Nations.  A Medicine Wheel therapeutic approach will incorporate a traditional approach of delivery with an emphasis on addressing all key issues concerning children, youth and families.  The Medicine Wheel approach/framework will consider the aspects of mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of the individual.

Key objectives:

  • Provide primary and secondary therapeutic services for WRCFS communities to access immediate supports
  • Provide culturally appropriate Mino I Yah Daa Wellness services
  • Offer Mino I Yah Daa service that is community-based, that addresses specific needs relative to the community needs
  • Offer group/individual/family/relationship counselling
  • Work alongside communities to restore balance within our communities, using a holistic approach
  • Provide services with a view of supporting and empowering First Nations families in our communities to promote healthy lifestyles and made good decisions for oneself
  • Deliver services from an orientation and philosophy of promoting wellness and balance
  • Continue strengthening partnerships in all WRCFS communities using a Mino I Yah Daa Wellness team approach to support this program
  • Build Indigenous cultural therapeutic services and service providers who are knowledgeable about Indigenous practices, protocols and traditions

The Mino I Yah Daa Wellness Workers will provide 5 types of services, they are:  Individual Counselling, Family Counselling, Couple Counselling, Group Work, and Crisis Response Work.  These services will address parenting issues/parenting, child abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and neglect), separation & loss, grieving, family violence, anger management, addictions, drug, alcohol and substance abuse, self-harming behavior or suicide ideation, school based counselling and support, family reunification support, teen behavior issues and foster home support, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, conflict resolution, bullying, depression/anxiety/mood disorder, expectant parent(other than minor), gender or identity, health issues, marital status, self-esteem, loneliness, self-worth, sexual exploitation(past or present) and stress management.

Knowledge Keeper Services

Anishinaabe Elders and Knowledge Keepers are central to Anishinaabek knowledge. The knowledge they provide is essential to contributing to the working and learning environment while recognizing all human life experiences and their backgrounds. They link the past, the present to the future and will add value and guidance to ensure the success for the Strategic Planning now into the future.

Elders and Knowledge Keepers provide easy access for Anishinaabek traditional knowledge to communities, staff, families, and youth & children in care and provides guidance to Senior Leadership for current and future endeavors. They provide informal and formal teachings to raise awareness on Indigenous histories, worldviews and healing ways and help to increase cultural competency creating an inclusive environment for non-Indigenous and Indigenous staff, families, and youth & children in care.